Hotties On The Stroll

Today Kassey Krystal and Rachel Evans are dressed the way some of the most brazen New York hookers used to be in the “bad old days,” when the ladies of the night strolled for tricks near the traffic tunnels. Now: just imagine seeing Kassey and Rachel on the road and telling them to get into your car, so you can take them home to fulfill all your foot fetish fantasies! As you prep your boner, they smoke cigarettes, strip and savor their titties and pussies, and then they invite you to feast on Kassey’s size 7.5 Russian tootsies and Rachel’s 8.5 Czech candies!! They get into the foot worship, leg adoration, and toe sucking intensely themselves, and also enjoy their high heels with their horny tongues. There are so many great shots of the thrilling beauty of their feet in and out of shoes!! And you’ll dig how Kassey licks the Evans arches and gives herself a titty fuck with Rach’s right foot...and then takes a PEE on Rachel’s soles!! And Rach returns the liquid favor!! Wow!!! Aren’t you glad you “slowed down your car” for these two unforgettable fetish raunchettes??

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